July 6th 2007: The First Startup Weekend. 5 Years Old Today.

5 years old today.

5 years ago Startup Weekend was founded.  We hosted the first Startup Weekend in Boulder, Colorado above a bike shop.

I can’t believe it was that long ago. I daily work with and have my life bettered by people I met through the journey that was Startup Weekend.

Startup weekend - hour 3

15 thoughts on “July 6th 2007: The First Startup Weekend. 5 Years Old Today.

  1. Congrats! This month San Antonio will get it’s first taste of Startup Weekend… I’m excited to see how it goes!

  2. Startup Weekend is the title chapter in my life as an entrepreneur. Both of my startups Giant Thinkwell and Freak’n Genius were birthed on these Weekends and it’s been the most incredible ride of my life. Not to mention their core team is comprised of some of the most passionate and incredible people I know and I’m lucky enough to have them as my closest friends. Huge thanks to you Hyde for planting this seed.

  3. Andrew – you changed my life that day. I wouldn’t be where I am – doing the things I’m doing or becoming the person I’ve always wanted to become without that first weekend.

  4. That first Startup Weekend in Seattle has led to countless coffees, consulting gigs, trips to wine country, BBQs, happiness, hugs, laughs, loves … even some honorary nieces and nephews! And it led me to meeting a pretty cool guy named Andrew with whom I look forward to brunching soon. Thanks for changing my life for the better, Andrew!

  5. Andrew that little idea has defined my life! Your ability to empower people and trust people so quickly is do disruptive and life changing. Thanks for everything! The list is to long :)

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