3 Simple Blogging Tips

I’ve been talking to quite a few people about blogging and it always comes down to the do or not to do debate.

So, in no particular order, here are 3 ridiculously simple tips:

1. Have a purpose.
In my first post almost 3 years ago, I had this purpose:

Reach out to the local and online community, teach what I can, learn as much as I can
Share my work
Create Beauty
Document my thought processes
Have a blast doing so

Your purpose can be really anything, but don’t just have some type on a page, make it matter to you or your audience.

2. You are going to suck, get over it.
Take a look at my archives.  They suck.  Take a look at other peoples archives.  They do too.  That is fine.  It actually is awesome.  Get better.  Suck less every day (that is a TechStars mantra).

3. Get used to pressing that Publish button.
Just get used to doing it.  Post pictures.  Post links.  Post video.  Just do it.  Once this habit is established, branch out and pick heftier subjects.

Three bonus tips:

  1. Comment on posts you like, even if they are your own.  Short and simple is fine.  The number one reason I hear that new blogs die is that nobody comments.  Commenting is simple, and doesn’t cost you a cent.
  2. If you find yourself searching for something, and can’t find it online, or can’t find a clear answer, write a post to help other people out.  I think that was Paul‘s original focus.
  3. Be you.  You can’t go wrong with that.
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