5 Things That Bug Me About New Twitter

I aired my grievances with the ‘new twitter’ earlier today, and just saw Bryan Veloso tweet about his disliking of the new look as well.

Here are the 5 things that bug me.

1) Color It just seems off. The top blue and bottom green just clash. I do think the original color scheme (the 3rd and 4th colors from the top) work really well, and the new colors really are not needed.
Twitter Color Scheme

2) Unneeded/ Off Whitespace Twitter is a simple web app, why isn’t the design simple? Here is a B/W version of what my page is, with white being things I look at.

Not clean. There should not be a valign center on the posts. If I want to scan them with speed, my eye should be able to connect with the top of every line (40px per each new post line instead of a random amount based on how many lines the last update was).
small align

3) Nav is Sloppy
A couple of spaces between the different links in a white box just seems unfinished. Also, is this really the nav you need? I would say public timeline is unneeded, and direct messaging would be a strong addition.

4) Countdown Clock A blink tag would make my blood boil less. Large, Georgia font, getting darker and even redder the closer you are to 140 characters. Yes, that is what I need, distracting movement on the screen for every character I type. I should be smaller, and only act in bursts (140 left -> 100 left -> 40 left -> 10 left (red)), instead of 140, 139, 138, 137 ect.

5) The Update Box Is it a box? I see two shadows on the top and left, with very little on the right and bottom. With the big and bold “What are you doing?” (why so big and bold?) What I am doing is writing a post on the 5 things I don’t like about the redesign, where do I type it?

Recap: Twitter is awesome, I really enjoy it, these 5 things were bugging me… had to write the post.

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