5430 Long Course (Ironman 70.3) Race Report

I feel recovered enough to write a proper race report. My finish time was 6:18:00 which is read ‘six hours, eighteen minutes.’ My past self is working hard on a time machine so it can slap me for saying things like that.

Since January I’ve been working pretty hard training for a few challenges. This was by far the toughest on the calendar. A 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile mike ride and a 13.1 mile run, in August (hot!).

My race attitude aligns with Rich: don’t go faster than you can while thanking every volunteer.


Swim StartI wasn’t nervous at all about the swim. Rich and I would breeze though mile swim workouts and I didn’t do very many (read none) open water swim workouts before this. About halfway through the swim Flipper came up to me and said I was a disgrace to all swimming animals. I was a bit off course, not being efficient and feeling a bit woozy. At the mile mark I managed to donated my breakfast to the fish. A note to all those reading, puking while swimming sucks. You swallow a bunch of water which makes it hard to calm down.

At this time a life guard in a kayak decided I was their best shot at a rescue 911 badge for saving a drowning person. They followed me as I went even more off course, eventually finishing. I walked up the edge of the beach, really hoping I didn’t loose my stomach again. I predicted my time to be about 35 minutes, instead it was 57. Not a solid start for the day.


Andrew BikingOf the three I like biking the best. The first ten minutes were rough. I took my time and didn’t push it. As soon as we merged onto 36 I felt a swell of familiarity, and picked up the pace. At mile 15 I was feeling fantastic, and was passing 10-15 people a mile. At mile 18 I was passed by Traci Brown, who I have taken a cycling class with. A friend of Ingrid Alongi, Traci had really showed me a few things about pedal strokes and focus. As soon as I saw her I really wanted to pass her back. So after yelling ‘get some!’ a few times at her, I put together some inspired strokes and passed her and a few others. Over the next 30 miles we tried to drop each other, passing each other every six or seven minutes.

Really quite fun passing a friend of yours and having them say something to you.


The course had heated up and I clearly spent too much of the bank on the bike (but it was so fun passing 250 people). I was passed back by 250 people in the first few miles it seemed. I ended up joining with someone named Chris that had a similar pace. We walked up the hills, and ran a 10 / m pace for the rest of it. The aid stations were great (read: lifesavers) and a bit of flat coke with four miles to go made me snap out of the conservative pace. The last two miles three things happened:
1) I was stung by a bee.
2) I got the upbeat parts of “Joy” by The Autumn Film stuck in my head

3) I started running at a 7:10 / m pace.

I passed 50 people in the last two miles and came in with a strong finish.


A ton of lessons learned from this experience.

Next challenge: Super Longs Peak (human powered summit from Boulder).






17 responses to “5430 Long Course (Ironman 70.3) Race Report”

  1. Tekee Avatar

    Sounds grueling. Congratulations though, that is quite an accomplishment. Super Longs Peak sounds like a purple bitch, good luck!

  2. erikabrookes Avatar

    Re: up next Super Longs Peak from Boulder. Are you hiking Longs or biking up/down Trail Ridge Road or neither?

  3. Brett Borders Avatar

    sounds pretty hardcore. I really enjoy doing physical training too… but if I do too much cardio, I get really, really skinny. I'm kind of scared to train too hard anymore or else it'll turn me into a toothpick. I probably should be doing a lot of weights… but I don't LIKE weights… I like the rush of stamina training.

  4. elaineellis Avatar

    What you really need to start training for is our cage matches.

    So congratulations!!! I'm soooo proud of you. Way to set a goal and make it happen.

  5. koreyb Avatar

    Great job! Not an easy challenge to take on. The swim and pacing are the hardest parts of a tri to learn. Make sure to get an ice bath in if you are still sore…they are a big help!

  6. andrewhyde Avatar

    Super Longs should take about 14 hours…

  7. andrewhyde Avatar

    Hiking up longs, not venturing over to Trail Ridge Road.

  8. andrewhyde Avatar

    Yeah, I am starting to switch to a more weights workout program.

  9. andrewhyde Avatar

    Cage match is on, we just need a good name….


  10. erikabrookes Avatar

    Andrew, I hiked it w/ @lance about 4 – 5 years ago. 13 hours RT, but we were delirious the last hour so my timekeeping might be flawed. It is a great accomplishment and I am glad I did it. Every year when I visit Estes Park and look at Longs Peak from the window of my house, it is a great feeling. Good luck w/ it and look forward to seeing pictures of you @ summit.

  11. jstueve Avatar

    Awesome job man! I've never puked in a lake, but imagine it sucked even more than you are letting on. I really hate the swim. When are you going to go for the Super Longs Peak?

  12. andrewhyde Avatar

    Yeah, not fun. At all.

    No date for super longs… will let you know. Did you hear I got a NYC bib? Going to be sweet! Need some big miles.

  13. andrewhyde Avatar


  14. Natty Zola Avatar

    Congrats Andrew. Love the Everlater kit 🙂

  15. CaseyMargell Avatar

    Awesome work and great write-up. I'm just starting to run and it's inspiring to see posts like this from people I know.

  16. megansweeney Avatar

    I like that photo of you running. You inspire me to get into better shape:)

  17. megansweeney Avatar

    I like that photo of you running. You inspire me to get into better shape:)

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