Ai Weiwei Detained

One of the most inspiring and moving talks at TED this year was Ai Weiwei. He is an artist and activist in China. The TED blog posted that he has been detained. Without intense international pressure, he might not come back.

Watch him speak at TED here:

2011 TED Speakers (A Review)

TED is exhausting.  Writing a review is a similar experience, as looking back at notes and remembering bits of each talk is an experience akin to recounting what you wore on the first day of each year of school.

(A note: I went to TEDactive, but experienced a TED event, so I use that language going forward.)


Sara Kay 2011 TED Talk

One of my favorite 2011 TED presentations was by the youngest speaker. Sara Kay, through spoken word, created more emotion and soul searching than all the other talks combined.

TEDactive 2011

I’m overloaded in about every way possible at one of the worlds best conferences. I’m being pretty quiet online as I’m trying to soak up as much as I can while I’m here. We have watched over 25 TED talks like the ones you see online but in a live, raw, and simulcast type…