Why Not To Use Stock Graphics On Your Startup

I really love stock sites like iStockPhoto.  I’ve purchased almost a hundred images.

During SXSW, an article was published about Twitter’s main homepage image being stock, with some pretty heavy faux outrage about how this is bad.  Horrible, off topic headline.  First off, the author doesn’t differentiate between spec and stock.  Stock = 100 people can buy…

Spec Work Panel at SXSW

I’ve been thinking of the SXSW panel on spec work named after my post “Spec Work is Evil

The panel was fantastic, because, it was really a panel.  There were people on one side, people on the other.  Other panel organizers, this is how it is done.

[caption id=”attachment_1046″ align=”alignright” width=”337″ caption=”Brutal 10am Sunday morning timeslot for…

Spec Work is a Ponzi Scheme

Last month in San Francisco I asked Stowe Boyd if I should keep writing about this spec work thing, and his advice was fairly candid:

“If it matters to you, it matters to you, and you can’t hide that.”

I love design.  I was a fulltime freelancer for 3 years.  I have my college degree in Computer Graphics…