AIGA Meeting

I went to an AIGA Meeting the other night for my first time… and all I got were all these books:

O'reilly books

I planned on starting up my membership with them, which I had planned on doing for over two years now, and as soon as I brought out the checkbook, the guy on the mic said “and to the first person who signs up, you get all these books!”

So I have been reading them. Surprisingly, a very good bunch of books! The CS2 Workflow is especially enjoyable.

The speaker for the night was Victor Lombardi… well… a bit off the deep end. Usually that isn’t so much of a slam, but this guy was off the deep ‘boring I can’t talk my way out of a paper bag type of way.’

The presentation was on “Tangible Futures.” He had a poorly built powerpoint with an even poorer prepared speech. His examples were outdates (look at the new Scion!), under-researched and in one very special case, praising a design firm that ripped off a campaign verbatim for “being ahead of their time.” Yeah, next time I copy a style I will be looking into the future, right!

More on that later, but I don’t really feel like going off the deep end with nothing nice to say (but I have so much material).







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