Almost Burning Down The House

Yesterday was quite a scare.

A 2 acre forest fire was within 100 yards of my house.  Thank goodness that the wind was strong in the other direction, and our house is well protected with very little to burn around it, so we were safe.  But being able to see flames from my kitchen table was a bit of a nerve-racking experience, to say the least.

At one point it looked like we were going to be evacuated.  5 minutes to grab what you needed for the next few days and more importantly, grab everything that wasn’t replaceable.  It is a shock to have to do this.  Of all your stuff, what do you take with you?

I am a very minimalistic guy, so I grabbed 2 photo albums, my computer and my 2 cameras.  Of all my stuff, that is what I cared about.  I was mentally alright with losing all the electronics, books, furniture, clothes and gear I have. This really calmed me, and in a way made me proud.

But then again, I was thinking I would have to run from this bad boy:

Boulder Red Rocks Fire Flames Flames Flames Boulder Red Rocks Fire Boulder Red Rocks Fire

See all my pictures from the settles park fire here.





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