Andrew Hyde .net top 10 in Google

Very exciting.

I am down at the Dent doing some logo design for my new project. Running a company and designing all the identity is really interesting.

Enter my inner monologue:

“You want clean”
“Do it right now, skip lunch, get it done, I needed it yesterday”
“The colors should be simple”
“The colors should be bright”
“Think of the cost”
“Just keep it simple”
“Seriously, stop thinking, start sketching, get it done. Yesterday is getting further away”
“I should check my e-mail”
“How about orange?”
“Where the hell are my clients coming from”
“Back down, logo needs to come first”
“There are 6 billion people on this earth with brains, coming up with something original is an impossible dream”
“What if I just create something random, what are the odds then?”
“Pretty good, but I won’t like it as a logo”
“Better than have another designer in this world accuse you as a rip off designer”

Some sketching will help.

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