Another Experiment

Startup weekend is almost here, and I am seriously stoked.

Will it go big or go horribly? Who knows.

I love this comment on the ideas section of

The fact that 50 odd people of very high calibre want to participate in this tells me that the startup should be about turning into an international phenomena that massively accelerates startup creation with the benefits of economies of scale of predecided ways for doing things, hooks into capital, a ranking system for ideas, etc. As it spreads geographically it should start to also spread virtually, so people in different areas can do it virtually. The roadbumps the virtual guys hit will get solved in the first generation or two and then the virtual performance will become optimized. Case studies should be written about every startup weekend so that future startup weekends can become better. And that is the goal — to become better by learning what does and doesn’t work.

I will have some conclusions at the end of the weekend. Couldn’t be more excited.






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