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After using the iPad for three months as my only devise, I noticed something quite odd:

I stopped searching the web.

Instead, I searched through applications. Looking for a score or gametime? Open up the ESPN app. Looking for a video? YouTube app. Getting sick? WebMD app.  Have a random question?  Post to FaceBook or Twitter.

When I got back on a MacBook Air, I started searching the web, and was really turned off by the idea of all the SEO pages with little helpful content and a lot of ads at the top of the results.  The link farms are everywhere.

I wanted the app store, the affiliate marketers and SEO ‘ninjas’ haven’t seemed to find out how to really influence it yet. Good information is still right at the top with apps.

For now.






4 responses to “App Store SEO”

  1. Nathaniel Whittemore Avatar

    This is a smart observation. I noticed something similar when I tried Rockmelt. I thought I would like the social integration most, but I've got Chrome tricked out with extensions better than the defaults in Rockmelt, and ended up liking the search preview best.

    Yet still, the results for most of my searches are so, so shitty that it's almost irrelevant. SEO has created a forced fracture of the web.

  2. andrewhyde Avatar

    I hate hate hate how much the link / content farms have taken over search.

  3. msitarzewski Avatar

    Really looking forward to the Mac App Store and it's obfuscation of Can't wait to see how newbies react to it.

  4. jesscapade Avatar

    Interesting point! It echoes something I remember from Wired a few months ago, “The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet” ( I've been finding this more and more true of myself as well. Even on my laptop, I don't search as much as I use specific websites (like espn or webmd). The one exception I've found, though, is Twitter. I still search Twitter or Google “latest” results for either immediate information–is down for everyone?–or local information–where should I buy new bike pedals in Hong Kong?

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