Automattic Acquires Intense Debate


Did that just happen?  I am planning on a rather quiet day at the 2008 Mountain View TechStars Demo Day… and bam, in walks Toni Schneider, the CEO of Automatic, to say that they just acquired a TechStars team.

Amazing to me.  Both companies are ones that I really respect and love (use them both everyday in fact).  Love to see them working together.

Read all the details here: ID Blog, Founder Jon Fox’s Blog, WordPress Founder Matt Mullenweg, WordPress’s CEO, not about the deal at all, but Ninja Cat is awesome, TechCrunch is in on the game, Mashable knows how to write it up, VentureBeat proves they have a beat on the venture, and finally David Cohen shows what he knows. has the video of the announcement.

So much more to write about today, but that is the big story.  Couldn’t of happened to a nicer group (as I say about all the TC companies).





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