Be Political

I just changed my avatar on Twitter to a Obama (see right).

Last week I was told by a strategist to never talk about politics on my blog, twitter or in public for that matter.

I couldn’t disagree more.

Here are my rules I stick by:

  1. Be Political.
    Get to know the issues.  Everyone should vote.  Everyone.  No Exceptions.  If you don’t like a candidate, race or initiative, feel free to leave it blank. Be part of the process, if it isn’t effecting you now, it could in the future, relying on you not paying attention.
  2. Respect Others.
    I have plenty of friends from all sides of the political spectrum.  I respect every one of them.   You should too.  There is something that makes them feel the way they feel, support the person they support.  That is a reality that you are not going to change short term.  Embrace it.
  3. Don’t Vote Party Line
    The biggest area I see the US democracy going wrong is party line voters, those who only vote for Democrats or Republicans no matter what.  “Holding your nose” and voting for a candidate you don’t believe in because you feel it is better for the party is destructive.
  4. Don’t Hide
    If you are a supporter of any candidate in the race, don’t hide it.  Embrace it.  That is how this process works.  Don’t feel like you need to be abrasive, or even argumentative.  If someone is overly forward with you about showing your support, remind them that more that one side is part of a democracy.
  5. Support Humor
    Satire and humor are one of the best things we can use to gauge the stories between the stories. 

Blogging changed how politics is done.  Twitter and FaceBook have changed it even more.

So whoever you support, be proud of it. If you don’t know who you are supporting yet, talk to your friends. 

This election serves up a pretty distinct choice, and mine is for Obama.  Ever since his DNC speach in 2004 I have been a fan, and supported him since the day he announced his candidacy.

  1. Leadership for Change
    Obama has lead an amazing campaign, staying positive and on the issues.  One of the best run campaigns I can remember.  He has an amazing ability to lead, and with a majority in the House and Senate, will have the opprotunity to do just that.
  2. Technology Platform
    I love his platform on this.  In his acceptance speech, he called out the need to help small businesses and startups, something near and dear to my heart.
  3. His Team
    His campaign team is amazing, with the best design, development and implementation of a people powered media strategy.  Look at his iPhone app as an example.
  4. Questionable Judgment by McCain
    Palin is a heart beat away from being the leader of the US and putting together sentences is a challenge.  No business is going to flourish with a leader like that.  Put that choice with an aging McCain and that leaves me nervous.

I will be participating in early voting in Colorado, and would love to put a big group together to vote.

All will be welcome.

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