Becky Boone: Why you should care about your local government

A super important talk took place at Ignite Boulder and is getting quite a bit of flack.

Watch it. Share it. People are trying to get you to not talk about this.

My stance:

  • Fuck censorship. I stand fully behind Becky.
  • It is interesting the old guard is much louder than the great people that live in this city.
  • It is really time we start giving a fuck.







5 responses to “Becky Boone: Why you should care about your local government”

  1. PaulRoales Avatar

    So fucking good…

  2. Zane Selvans Avatar

    I already mentioned this over on Bing’s blog, but…

    Personally, I’m looking forward to a whole lot more discussion of local civic issues on Twitter too! We need to go to where the city is having the discussion already (Council, in person, and the Camera), but we also need to bring the discussion into our own sphere — and ideally, bring Council and other policymakers into the social media mix so we can have these conversations in more than one forum. One thing that would help make all these policy discussions more accessible would be to live stream (and archive video) of all of them, which the City has been piloting for non-council (Planning & Open Space) boards. They’re considering whether to continue and/or expand the program — and you can give them feedback on that in this SurveyMonkey survey:

    The fact that they still spend a huge amount of resources on *televising* these things via the local cable access station (Channel 8… Anybody remember Wayne’s World? Like… 20 years ago?) and *don’t* have a single dedicated social media person on the city’s communications staff is, to me, completely insane. Stream all the meetings live via YouTube or another decent, well adopted platform, archive and index them all, and facilitate the discussion on the social media platforms we’re already using — we can watch from home, and comment in real time, or after the fact, and the city (as well as the rest of the public) can see the entire process. Seems like a pretty stratightforward value
    proposition to me… Even though as the chair of the Transportation Advisory Board… this would probably mean I would get snarked at more often, I don’t care. It’d clearly be better for everyone.

  3. Hector Urroz Avatar
    Hector Urroz

    Who are the people that are trying to get me to not talk about this?

  4. Paul Merrill Avatar

    Totally makes sense.

  5. Christopher Citty Avatar
    Christopher Citty

    Knowledge alone isn’t power. Knowledge applied to a purpose is power. Let’s support Becky Boone and answer her call any way we can.

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