Best Breakfast In Boulder

Here is my definitive list of the best breakfast spots in Boulder, Colorado.

This post was updated on November 9th, 2011 to reflect new additions and closures.  Happy eating Boulder!

  1. Brasserie 1010
    Weekends only, but all the foodies and late night restaurateurs choose this spot for nursing hangovers.  Inspired menu, great prices and french press coffee.  Almost never a wait and always great service.
  2. The Pinyon 
    A new addition to the list.  Weekends only.  It is kinda a locals secret at this point with a table open all morning.  Bottomless drinks and the best fried chicken you have ever had.  Seriously, that is the best chicken you will ever have.
    Fried Chicken at The Pinyon

  3. The Pinyon closed down, much to our dismay.

  4. Snooze 
    Lots of skepticism about the opening of Denver based Snooze in Boulder.  They hit it out of the park.  Phenomenal pancakes (even gluten free).  Best meal for your money downtown.  If there is a line, head to the Pinyon.  If there isn’t, enjoy.
    Snooze Boulder Pancakes
  5. Centro 
    Centro is a special brunch treat.  Located on Boulders West End Centro has the best enchilada in town.  Habanero salsa with chips will wake you up faster than their great coffee with horchata.  Part of the great Big Red F circle, Centro delivers.  Weekends only.
  6. Burnt Toast
    Burnt Toast Restaurant“Burnt toast, cold coffee and surely service” is some solid copy writing.  By far my favorite menu in Boulder.  Always tasty, and is home to the best bacon in Boulder.  Some of my friends have had bad experiences/ slow food times.  I hear there is a new chef, and the food lately has been fantastic.  As an added bonus, they will substitute some fresh fruit for toast at no charge.
    Burnt Toast closed down, to many of our displeasure. What a fantastic place that was.
  7. The Buff Restaurant
    Their chorizo scramble with green chile is amazing.  I ordered it during a business meeting once, and had sweat forming on my brow. Definitely one of the hottest, tastiest things in Boulder.  .99 mimosas too.
  8. The Kitchen
    Quality food, great staff.  Would be higher on my list, but with the gluten allergy, there isn’t much variety.  Always a quality meal.
  9. South Side Walnut Cafe/ Walnut Cafe
    There is just something special about the Walnut.  Great menu, tons of vegan options and plenty of Boulder snark. Gluten free toast too!
  10. Lucile’s
    This is my family’s favorite breakfast spot in Boulder.  Almost nothing to hate about Lucile’s.  Quirky, quality, friendly and tasty creole cooking, but can be challenging if you have allergies.
  11. Dots Diner
    “Where the folks get their yolks” is the slogan.  This is as hippy as you can get.  Unique omelets and I hear their biscuits are amazing.  I’ve always had a great meal here.
  12. Village Coffee Shop
    Solid place. Highly recommended by my friends, gluten free options and Boulder’s most diner like experience. Awesome culture.
  13. Foolish Craig’s Cafe
    Great omelets, one of the only places that serves sprouts in its breakfast menu.

What did I leave out?  Where am I wrong?

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