Biggest Blogging Mistakes of 07

Here are a list of what I see as the biggest everyday mistakes of 07, taken from a list I jotted down at a coffeshop talking with some bloggers I really respect. Perhaps it should be renamed “How I should suck less in 2008.” I am guilty of almost all of these, so don’t do as I do!

No PicturesStan's Journal

So I am the worst at this one, look at this poor choice for this post. Add some graphical content to your posts (a picture of Stan James’s journal).

Writing Posts that Don’t Invite Comments (ie. You Are Not an Expert)

Involve your community, don’t write for them to read and worship your brilliance. Unless you have a PhD, don’t write as the only authority in the area. I am most not 100% defiantly OMG not an expert on really anything. But there is a lot I write about that can help, or is a unique viewpoint. Your readers are smart folks, and should be talked up to, not down to.

Blogging from Not Home

You should have your own domain name. If you don’t and want one, email me, I will gladly help you get your own place to call home online. Hosting is cheap, there is really no reason not to. Stop writing other companies user generated content.

Changing Your Home

Pick a place, blog at it. Take a break if you need to, but don’t move it and start a new project

Permalinks Not Cool

Pet peeve of mine, really simple to fix.

Celebrate Beauty

Find something cool? Share it. Charley Hine borrowed my camera for a few weeks, and left this really cool sunset picture on it. Beautiful Charley, and that song you wrote about SW just rocks.

Personal Branding

We all do it, but very few admit to it. Why? Because most of the time, when people blog about Personal Branding, it comes off as “How I Act So People Like Me, and How You Can Too.” Most people work on their branding by doing cool things (like putting on an event), or not doing stupid things (like Micah). I see this mostly at conferences, where sessions are packed, and even stronger, is the contingent outside rolling their eyes at the idea. Not a bad thing to blog about, but like your favorite 80’s hair band, might be best kept to the conferences and coffee talk.

Celebrate Success

If you are doing something cool and get some praise, tell your community about it! Don’t hide it, share and build upon it.

Giving Conference Discounts to ‘Your’ Readers

If a conference is hurting for attendance, it is common for them to give discounts. 2007 saw conferences overpricing themselves and starting out the promos by offering discounts to any blogger who would write about them and their communities. Write about conferences that kick ass, don’t do their overpricing work for them.

Be a Person

If Twitter has taught us anything in 2007 it is that people like to follow, wait for it, people. If you are blogging as your company, blog as a person at the company, not as the company. Same rules ring true at Twitter.

Say Thank You

I need to do it more, there are thousands of people that are creating fantastic content out there. Let’s not pull a “everyone attack the artist” this year.

So I will end it by saying this list is a hell of a lot more random than I thought it would be, and thank you for reading, and commenting <ehhhem>. What do you think?







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  1. Josh20 Avatar

    Andrew, thanks for sharing these no-no’s.

    My two cents – if anyone wants to setup their own little online abode I would recommend checking out Tumblr ( It’s a breeze to setup and really easy to use. You can also easily customize it to use your own domain name. I would also recommend signing up for Disqus account ( which you can easily integrate into your tumblr account to add comments to your new online home. For email I would recommend using Google Apps ( to customize your email address with your new domain.

    If you need help setting any of this up feel free to email me at > me at

    Happy holidays everyone.

  2. Tyler Willis Avatar

    “I am most not 100% defiantly OMG not an expert on really anything.” Andrew, you are DEFINITELY defiant. 😉

    “If Twitter has taught us anything in 2007 it is that people like to follow, wait for it, people. If you are blogging as your company, blog as a person at the company, not as the company. Same rules ring true at Twitter.” Possibly the most important thing you’ve written. Not only is this important for how people start to act online (properly), it’s also why startups like twitter, tumblr and others are the next wave of success. Easy publishing is great, but making it easy and acceptable to share your personality is much more important.

    Also @Josh20 Disqus is great, as is Intense Debate, both work. 😉

  3. Andrew Avatar

    @Josh20 great tips on more than just blogging. Tumblr is great, but the quick pace of it ruin rss readership. I have used Google Apps, and filled up almost 6 Gig of mail. Yikes!

    @Tyler I have to agree with you on using Intense Debate (I worked along with them this summer at TechStars). Both work great, but I have to support the friends! Great points on tumblr and online identity.

  4. Girl con Queso Avatar

    Lovely inspiration for 2008. Gracias.

  5. Micah Baldwin Avatar

    I think that tumblr works better without comments. Its more free following and constant, where as a blog is where people like to sit down and discuss or have intense debate.

  6. Wildwobby Avatar

    Great tips. I’m starting a blog myself and really enjoy reading tips like these to get it more successful.

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