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I was sitting at Trident, the usual place for me to drink some quality tea and think about what to do with my week, when Michael Tseng (who was also an Interaction Designer at CP+B) and I got into a conversation about the latest trends (the social echo chamber, iPhone app sales and recent acquisitions around town).  He told me he started blogging, and I checked it out and quickly read all of his posts.  Brilliant stuff.

Look at the Segway, elegant engineering but completely missed the point. You can’t give those things away because no one wants to look like an idiot crawling down the street on their Dr. Evil Mobile. Ask yourself, what’s the first thing that anyone says when they see someone on a Segway? Invariably, while pointing it’s always, “check out that idiot!”. Want a tip? If you’re going to design a vehicle make sure people look cool riding in/on it. And for good measure when they are standing around it make sure that looks cool too.

from design for humans

It is the right mix of great design, solid commentary and commons sense.

And I liked it because he wrote, well, blogs for humans.  His posts are meant for his friends to read.

Which creates such a great feel, don’t you think?






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  1. Brett Borders Avatar
    Brett Borders

    I agree that "white-n-nerdy" riding the Segway can look lame way too easy, but I saw this muscular black cop wearing mirror shades, zipping through a crowd near the waterfront in South Florida.. and I thought he actually looked pretty cool. It's like clothes or a car.. has to fit you right.

  2. Kath Avatar

    Thanks for the heads up…very cool blog!

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