Boulder BarCamp

Wow, another great BarCamp come and gone. My 4th one (Denver, Boulder, Austin and Boulder again). Very fun times.

This one was different (they all are, so I am stating the obvious). The biggest change was I was the event host, so instead of pondering ‘what are the merits and complexity of OpenID’ I was wondering ‘is that chair going to scratch the floor?’

It was all good though. This BarCamp was unique for me because my favorite sessions of the day were the short times over coffee in the kitchen with some great people and topics. What are the advantages of ‘lifestyle startups’ (a startup made so you can adventure, climb and bike as much as you damn please) and can they be successful (being in Boulder influenced that conversation).

Huge thank you to:
JoeP- You introduced me to BarCamp and my life would not be the same now if you didn’t invite me many, many times.
Kevin Cawley– Swag, inspiration, and good energy all around.
Bill Flinchbaugh- Single handily responsible for making that space being open to any events anyone wants to have there. Huge help keeping everything in line.
Danny Newman– Swag, good stories and a sexy new MacBook (is there a name yet?)
David Cohen– I didn’t get to talk to much, but I do want to thank you for putting on TechStars.
All the participants.

BarCamp Boulder View

I love BarCamp, it combines my two favorite things- tech and a summer camp feel. No titles, just cool people with great ideas coming together to share and be amazing.

BarCamp Boulder View 2

I sent in a revision to my TechStars application at 11:35. I wonder if I was the buzzer beater for final application in.






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  1. David Cohen Avatar

    Andrew, thanks for organizing this one. Sorry I couldn’t stay the whole day, but I was a little busy on deadline day.

    And your app revision was about the 5th from last. The winner came in at 11:59:05, with 55 seconds to spare. I also received one at 12:01am on the 1st. Oops.

  2. Andrew Avatar

    Ouch! 12:01!

    Great seeing you, keep up the good work with TechStars!

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