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In Boulder there is a problem. There are hundreds of talented creative professionals working and creating some beautiful stuff, but you ask them to name some names at other companies they draw a blank. Our community, and design can only go so far in our isolated pockets. Let’s get together and start the conversation.

I would like to invite you to the first Boulder Creative Commons. It will be an informal gathering of creatives of all types at my office in Boulder on Thursday, May 17th. 1035 Pearl St. 4th Floor. I will provide drinks and some snacks, but I really need help publicizing this. If you are, or know of any creative professionals in the Boulder area please let them know about it.

Boulder Creative Commons

Thanks in advance! I am looking forward to it!


A few edits: Dan asked for an event listing, knock yourself out, here it is. Everyone, please rsvp with the Upcoming system.

David mentioned this on Colorado Startups, Bex at Metroblogging Denver, and Scott at Musings from Scott.

Scott, although I am a huge fan of the Creative Commons, this event is geared toward just getting the creative community together. I am sure we will talk about the Creative Commons (any interest in leading a discussion?), but my big mistake in naming it so closely.







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  1. Alex Avatar

    Andrew, have you looked into Refreshing? Looks like a Denver contingent is in the works.

  2. Andrew Avatar

    Alex- Yes, that may just be the answer. I went to the one in Austin, which was awesome, but didn’t bring out the creative crowd like BarCamp brings out the tech crowd.

    I will look into it an most likely go to it. Thanks for the lead!

  3. Jim Turner Avatar

    Would love to show up, will see if i can set aside some time to come! Will see if i can help get a few attendees.

  4. […] saw that Andrew Hyde is trying an experiment and hosting the first Boulder Creative Commons event on May 17 at 6pm. I’ve added it to the ColoradoStartups event […]

  5. Dan Lurie Avatar

    Can you put it on

  6. Aaron Ricketson Avatar

    This sounds cool, we needed something like this. I’ll be there.

  7. mark Avatar

    Have you guys looked at Sounds like what you guys may be trying to do? Biznik is a business-building social network that helps people (in the Seattle area) organize, network and build a community. I would love to see something like it for the Denver area.

    My company just did an interview with the founder of Biznik (Dan McComb) — you can listen to the podcast here:


  8. dan mccomb Avatar

    Great to see you guys creating community for creatives. We’re just a couple of weeks from launching a new version of, and Denver is one of the “creative class” cities we’re supporting in this release. You’ll be able to create local groups, complete with events and discussions, and tap into the Biznik network that now has members in 65 countries. I’d like to invite you all to check it out.

    Dan McComb,
    Biznik co-founder

  9. Don Poe Avatar

    Hi Andrew

    Put me on your mailing list for future events. I wasn’t able to make the last one but am interested in getting to the next one!

    Thanks! Don

  10. Matthew Avatar

    Hey Andrew,

    Alex King suggested that we “figure out a way to merge the Refresh and Boulder Creative Commons” groups.

    What do you think?

  11. […] 2007 was a huge year for me. The beginning of the year had me finish up a contract with Confluence Commons, work on Endoze Design a bit more and finally fold a company that I had spent a year building, Politics by Design. I went to SXSWi, which changed my views on the tech community. After SXSW, the only thought that crossed my mind was “it’s the community stupid.” I decided to take most of the year off and really listen to the tech community. I subscribed to over 300 blogs, read the paper, New Yorker, and attended every tech meetup I could find (and even started my own event). […]

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