Boulder: Register to Vote Now!

So I just wrote about Jared’s trip to Iraq, now time to take some action.

Let’s motivate the Boulder area tech community around Jared, in the pre-voting day event called ‘caucus.’ It is really quite simple: register to vote as a Democrat by December 5th and then attend caucus, on February 5th (a Tuesday night) for a few hours to support Jared Polis and his big to be our Representative. The big secret is that not many people attend caucus (it has been anywhere from 25-600 in the past few years) and your vote for him here can play a huge roll. It is a huge way you can support someone that I would LOVE to see elected.

Pat Waak, Democratic Party Chair said, “With the Democratic National Convention coming to Colorado next August Coloradans have a heightened interest in playing a role in our nations future. One of the first steps in the political process is party affiliation so I’m urging all those legally qualified to vote to register at there local County Clerk and Recorders office.”

In order to vote in a precinct caucus, the voter must be a resident of the precinct for thirty days, and have registered to vote no later than twenty-nine days before the caucus, and be affiliated with the political party holding the caucus for at least two months as shown on the books of the county clerk and recorder; except that any registered voter who has turned 18 years old or has become a naturalized citizen during the two months preceding the meeting may vote at caucus even though the voter has been affiliated with the political party for less than two months.

So register to vote NOW as a Democrat and let’s all support a phenomenal candidate and friend!







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  1. meg Avatar

    seems like everywhere you go there are hyde signs 🙂

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  3. GSBigger Avatar

    Until we can turn Chat into Change and Rant into Results, the intrinsic value of the ambient knowledge represented across the 'U-Netted Nations' of the web will simply be the mother lode of pure gold problem-solving value awaiting discovery by some hard rock information miner. Someone is going to stake the first claim on what I believe will become a gold-rush of people looking for the assay of relevance and sustainable answers. I'm just lookin' for a grubstake, and a good pack animal (techie;-) … is 'this-here silicone mountain' the right location, is Startup Weekend the right 'land office'…mind if I 'ASK4' it here…?

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