Boulder Startup Week 2011

I’m in Boulder, Colorado for the week having a blast with one of my favorite events. Boulder Startup Week is about 55 events in 5 days, almost completely decentralized. There are a few volunteer organizers (myself included) who planned out the events and the community took it from there. About 3500 participants from 20 states, and interestingly enough, it is completely free.

Events are from startup centric (Marketing & The Startup: If You Build It – Will They Come? to outdoors based (Hike up Mount Sanitas).  From the 1300 person Ignite Boulder to the 20 person Boulder Photowalk.

I’m just a big fan of the Boulder community. Understatement of the year. The week is just packed with incredibly smart and open people looking to help one another out.

I’ve been walking around with a huge smile on my face seeing the huge heart that Boulder has. The community has a soul.

If you are interested in attending or seeing some of the sessions check out the plancast.

Damn flatirons you pretty.





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  1. Ef Rodriguez Avatar

    The best thing about Boulder Startup Week is when people buy me sneakers. (Size 11, no white soles, velcro is permissible.)

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