Boulder.Me Job Fair

I am very excited about this event.

From the site:

The Boulder tech scene is growing like crazy. Twenty of our top tech startups (you can see a few in the sidebar) have banded together to fly in one hundred top software developers, programmers and engineers from across the country, all expenses paid.

So if you are a developer, and have thought to yourself “Boulder looks cool!” why don’t you come out, on our dime, and have 20 companies waiting to interview you.  Apply today to be one of a hundred.

Hiring companies include Aegis Analytical, EventVue, Filtrbox, Fuser, Gnip, HiveLive, Me.dium, Printfection, Rally Software, Return Path, and socialthing! (and that list will expand). 

So who is behind it?  Eric Marcoullier, Chris Wand, David Cohen, Josh Fraser, Ingrid Alongi and myself.

Check out Boulder, Colorado.

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