Brilliant Post on Boulder

Ben Casnocha wrote a brilliant article on how Boulder has become a startup town

They pursue this goal by asking themselves the question, “How can we be like Silicon Valley?” It is the obvious question to ask, but it turns out it might be the wrong one—if Boulder, Colorado is any example of how to do it right.

In the past 15 years, Boulder has gone from a little hippie college town to a little hippie college town also boasting an impressive and growing congregation of Internet entrepreneurs, early-stage venture capitalists, and bloggers. How did Boulder pull this off? And what can other cities, policymakers, and entrepreneurs who want to boost their own start-up quotient—and overall competiveness at a local level—learn from Boulder’s success?

Read it, it is quite good.






6 responses to “Brilliant Post on Boulder”

  1. Paul Roales Avatar
    Paul Roales

    Now if Boulder had a serious college by any measure.. it would be unstoppable.

  2. Siona Avatar

    Paul: Wanna start a school?

  3. Jared K. Avatar
    Jared K.

    Do you mean specific to a business college? 'Cause CU is pretty well known for a lot of its programs, and leads the nation in some others.

  4. Paul Roales Avatar
    Paul Roales

    I would be less worried about the ranking of the business college then the ranking of the engineering school.

  5. Jared K. Avatar
    Jared K.

    Interesting. In nearly every engineering major that CU offers, they are ranked in the top 20 in the nation among public universities, and generally within the top 35 when you throw in the private ones. NASA gives the aerospace programs at CU more funding than any other college in the US. And while not exactly an engineering degree, the physics program is thought to be one of (if not the) best in the nation, bar none. I'm seriously not trying to be a fact sheet for them, but I am curious as to why it appears that you're not a proponent. Bad experience? Overall impression?

  6. Andrew Hyde Avatar
    Andrew Hyde

    We have Naropa… don't laugh 🙂

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