Canon S95 Video Test

Almost no editing here, sound and colors are raw. Just a bunch of shots from my commute from Taiwan to Japan.

Love what this camera does.

Also, takes some great shots.






4 responses to “Canon S95 Video Test”

  1. sarahcooley Avatar

    The video quality is amazing!

  2. Derrell Durrett Avatar
    Derrell Durrett

    Holy crap! The video and stills are just stunning in their clarity.

  3. Brian B Morgan Avatar
    Brian B Morgan

    Hey dude, Brian Morgan here. I think you're the same guy I was in Boy Scouts with back in Sisters, Oregon. If not, sorry and disregard this message. So I saw your name referenced on an article on gizmodo about exercising and dieting and stuff. I googled you and techstars and its pretty impressive. Mad proud of you your accomplishments over the years. I travelled to Thailand for a few months as well and loved it. Anyway just thought I'd say hi and hope all is well. Safe travels.

  4. andrewhyde Avatar

    Hey Brian!

    Yep, same one. Yeah, the Gizmodo press is pretty funny. Tim wrote a great


    Hope all is well!

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