CES + BlogHaus

CES in four guttural sounds:

Boom Boom Bling Bling.

I walked around for a few hours, saw the sites, heard the sounds. Feel pretty over it. So much noise, hard to have anything stand out. Nothing really aligning with my values as a consumer, or my technological mind. If everyone was selling display booths, they certainly have done an amazing job. I question if this is the best venue for selling hype to their own products.

A very good day, connecting with some old friends (one from High School just walked by me and I was able to make that random connection). Generally, this is not for me, but seeing these good folk has brought it all in the right light for me.

I will be hanging out in the BlogHaus for a bit, recharging, writing some thoughts and doing some startup work. I have a new set of Moleskins to give out, if you find me one has your name on it.






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