CES Impressions

I am about to leave for my first CES. Very exciting, but in reality, I have no idea what to expect.

Here is a quick list of impressions I have:

  • It will be mostly men with a amazing percentage of women working as greeters for booths
  • I will get lost in an area of consumer electronics that I don’t get (nano audio!)
  • I will spend at least half a day begging for a projector, if no success I will try to shoplift one of the pocket sized ones (kidding!)
  • I will spend a good amount of time in the BlogHaus meeting people I have never interacted with, but have read for years (@Scobleizer you are on watch)
  • Most swag will be pens and mints
  • At least 3 vendors will be so aggressive with their pitches that I will have to run away
  • I will find something I want to buy so bad I will actually check my bank account
  • I will have at least one drink (aiming on the conservative side here). Some will make that resolution with ‘an hour’ at the end.
  • I will blog about it, but not provide anything of true value
  • Everyone I meet will pretend to know what Startup Weekend is
  • I will pretend I have heard of everyone else’s projects as well
  • I will walk over 5 miles to avoid a cab line at least once
  • It will be an incredibly awkward, fun and worthwhile experience





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