Coffee For Skid in Iraq

Everyone, meet my good friend Chris Skidmore (Skid to friends).  He is the reason I got to go rafting down the grand canyon two years ago.  It was a life changing trip, and I’ve been meaning to say thank you for a long, long time.  Skid is in Iraq now, doing some amazing work, and I say it is time to play forward his good work.

Without him, I would have never taken this picture, never shared it with you, never had this opportunity.


Skid is one of those special guys.  Wicked smart, kind heart, great leader and loves the outdoors.  I spent two weeks with him in the Grand and really valued every day.  In his first tour, he had coffee every morning, except for one.  That is the day bad shit happened.  So on the Grand, and everyday, coffee is the way to prevent bad shit from happening for him.

So Skid is doing his second tour, and has inherited a ‘double wide’ trailer to turn into a little oasis in the desert for all the guys around him. He has asked me to rally the random folks I know to help him stock up the place to turn it into a ‘local’ coffee shop.

Game on.

He has asked for:

  • Coffee.  Whole bean.  From your favorite local coffee roaster. Accompanied by a note about the roaster.
  • Outdoor shots / art to hang on the walls.
  • Letters saying hello.

SSG Skidmore, Christopher
C/ 7-158 AVN
Joint Base Balad
APO AE 09391

The postage is just like sending it in the US.  Please send him a pound or two!

He is the one in the center in this picture:


Thank you!

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