Colorado Blizzard 2006

So my flight was canceled to go to Oregon for vacation on Wednesday morning. I was pretty bummed, and at the instruction of Frontier Airlines came home and called to rebook my flight. Their phone lines have been down for the entire time.

Another blogger put it:

*Impossible to reach by phone
*Always busy
*Sounds promising, never delivers
*Infrequent updates
*Says one thing, does another
*Causes you to re-think the whole relationship
*In the end you give up and wonder just what the hell you were thinking.

So in the meantime, I am forced to stay in Boulder and build the biggest snow jump in sledding history.

Big Sledding Jump 1 Big Sledding Jump 2 Big Sledding Jump 3 Big Sledding Jump 4 Big Sledding Jump 5

Will I make it home for Christmas? Probably not, I chose Frontier. I have called every other airline and gotten a live person on the phone within 3 minutes.







2 responses to “Colorado Blizzard 2006”

  1. hubs Avatar

    wow! that jump looks dangerous. not to mention, it looks like the guy at the bottom is gonna spill his beer.

  2. magorloss Avatar

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