Creative Business Cards

New Business Cards

I love them, what do you think?

Anthony Dimitre did the illustration.






10 responses to “Creative Business Cards”

  1. Kath Avatar

    Sorry buddy…not my fave of all the biz cards you’ve had. You are way cuter than that.

    Cool colors, tho!

  2. Becky McCray Avatar

    You get big points for using a creative design, and for varying them. The text is also excellent. Even though the illustration doesn’t tell us about your biz, it does tell us a bit about you. Overall, a terrific design!

  3. Jeremy Salter Avatar

    Those are awesome Andrew! I love the different colors and variations, it adds a nice touch to have different (yet similar) cards that you hand out to each person.

    They definitely leave a lasting impression and although I’m sure you and your personality does the same thing, it is always a bonus to have a card that backs you and your style up! Great illustrations too, Anthony!

  4. Marianne Avatar

    Yeah, I have to say those are pretty awesomes. I want a blue and green one! See you soon!!

  5. Andrew Avatar

    Very cool! I like the colorways.

  6. david neuman Avatar

    That’s awesome! If that doesn’t make your card stand out from your competitors, I don’t know what will.

  7. Jared K. Avatar

    Definitely cool! Breaking business cards out of the status quo is definitely past due. Congrats to making it happen!

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  9. Link Building Outsource Avatar

    iii love the design very creative works, please do more

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