Funny when you walk around town and see one of your designs… Ecocycle, seen here:
My Design!!!






2 responses to “Design”

  1. elizabeth Avatar

    when i was looking for photos of boulder, i noticed this photo on flickr.
    i also noticed that you took a photo of a vegan activist.
    and “ate extra bacon.” haha.
    but don’t you get it? she’s just trying to save the world too.
    even if you hate animals, the meat industry is damaging the enviroment.
    don’t be so flippant toward someone who is trying to help the world.

  2. Andrew Avatar

    I am eating more bacon for lunch.

    That girl was a bit off the deep end, protesting an irony event (inside we had a 100% Vegan breakfast, the people handing out bacon were mostly Vegan). We were watching the rest of Boulder run five miles, and we were kicking back and eating breakfast, vegan breakfast.

    I love animals, and I am against those with bad taste.

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