Digg Going Nuts over HD DVD Hack

Digg is heating up over an HD DVD hack that gets around the Digital Rights Management.

Right now 8 of the top 10 posts on the front page are about it. What is the big deal? Digg has been deleting posts with the magic key. The magic 23 number and letter key breaks the DRM on HD DVD’s (which I have not used or seen yet). My home theater setup has an upconverting DVD player, so I have no use for this. But it has been extremely interesting reading the comments in the posts about Digg’s stance on the issue (and Digg’s blog even has a post). Diggers are deleting their accounts, bashing Kevin Rose and finding very creative ways to spread this number.

My favorite examples:
deviantart ‘freedom’
A website dedicated to the ‘random hexes’ (now offline)
A fun math riddle
You can even buy a shirt with the number.
A hex screensaver for OSX

Looks like this has pissed quite a few people off. I will be staying away from the madness for a few days.

Anyone else reminded of the ‘Grey Album‘ right now?

UPDATE: Kevin Rose diggs the number to calm the community down… this should be interesting.

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