Corn Field

I’m not motivated by money (although large piles seem nice in principal). Everything written here is here because I want it to be, not because it was given, lent or slowly massaged into my back during a relaxation massage.

I would like to say that none of the posts were at all written for pay or trade, but with over 700 posts, and more importantly, over 100 companies I’ve worked with, there is just no way to know what content is pure and what is here because a client threatened me with a large MMA fighter and a late night display of force.

So let us assume that everything I write is a lie that has been paid for.

Currently, none is. No paid posts. No for trade commentary. I should disclose that I could. Some day. Perhaps a bag of money were to show up to PO Box 12 Boulder CO 80306 with a post to write, pre written, on a thumbdrive, perhaps then.

Or perhaps never.

I don’t have a lawyer (a lie) but have seen one on TV and don’t want to get a call from some random dude that I think is Perry Mason (awkward). If I do, BAM, link to this, and I’ll say I admitted to anything but a few petty crimes.

Also: bags of cash should be sent in unmarked bills. This should go without saying, but with the state of the Internet and all…


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