Downtown Boulder Social Media

I sat on a panel yesterday organized by the great folks at Downtown Boulder Inc.

Having a great time at #dbisocialmedia say hi if you were here!

About a year ago we had a lunch with the tone of ‘we want to get it, but don’t quite get it.’  Yesterday as I looked and talked to about 100 local business owners, I couldn’t help but thinking ‘they get it.’  It is the little things that really stand out, like a twitter list of over 100 downtown Boulder businesses on twitter, the listings of $5 or less lunch deals, or the kick ass local event Taste of Pearl.

Boulder is fantastic, yesterday was a great time to reflect and thank those that really put in some work to make sure it keeps getting better. Anna Salim and Eli Madrone, thanks for organizing a fantastic event and truly caring about local businesses.

Also, Taste of Pearl is this Sunday.  I’ll be there, the non sober one.





5 responses to “Downtown Boulder Social Media”

  1. Ef Rodriguez Avatar

    I wish I could have made it. Looks like an awesome one!

  2. Reid Peterson Avatar

    Heard great news about the event from my girlfriend, Dr. Jessica Higgins. She mentioned that she learned how important it is to create fun events for people to engage in on the Social Networking channels.

  3. doniree Avatar

    Good looking crowd there!

  4. nielr1 Avatar

    Awesome, now if we could just remove the downtown “parking tax” it might actually encourage people to come downtown!

  5. Olga

    Otkuda material ?

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