Drinking Liberally in Denver

Well, I have been tagged by Matt at ColoradoLib so I better write something about my experience about Peggy.

I usually judge a persons character within a few seconds of my meeting them. I get a really good feeling about Peggy, very similar to a feeling I got when I met Dean. I feel I can trust her to be the representative of the people (not just those that vote for her).

Some really hard lighting conditions, but here are some photos.

Peggy Lamm and Andrew Hyde Listening to Peggy Listening to Peggy






3 responses to “Drinking Liberally in Denver”

  1. Matt Avatar

    Great stuff! If I hat-tip to you, can I use one of your photos of Peggy at coloradolib?

  2. Andrew Avatar

    Feel free to! Keep it positive is all I request.

    Great meeting you last night.

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