Hello!  Welcome to the Eldora Ski Pass share for our group.

General Rules:

  • Don’t be a pass hog, but lets make sure to use it!  Unlimited Weekdays and 2 passes every other weekend (ish) is about right.  Some times you want the 4 on a weekend, please don’t do this often or wait until a day or two before to schedule them
  • Schedule the passes when you use them (verify that it is on the shared Google Cal below iCal users!!!)!
  • Pick them up and drop them off day of at my house.  The passes are in a black mailbox to the left of the stairs in my brick appartment complex located at 101 Pearl Street.  You will get lost of you think this is on Pearl Street.  It is off of Canyon.  They are not locked.  If stolen, we can track down who is using them and arrest them on the mountain (pretty cool).



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