Eric Shiveley – Crybaby

On top of my ‘documentaries you should see but most likely have not’ list is Eric Shiveley’s brilliant “Everyone But You.” Get your hands on it, watch it with friends and discuss the issues of art, career, legacy and just plain making shit.

He just released a new video for his new album coming out January 1. It is a strong showing, can’t wait to hear the full album. You can preorder it here.

It is important to make, but perhaps even more important to support others that do.





2 responses to “Eric Shiveley – Crybaby”

  1. Jay Crain Avatar

    I almost missed your last line…great point and counterbalance on Jake’s Ted Talk.Can’t wait to check this out.J.

  2. Kath1213 Avatar

    It was YOU that first introduced me to Eric…and now I’ve seen him play live and consider him as one of my friends.

    Eric, like you, is awesome!! 🙂

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