FiltrBox is Blowing Persistent Search Away

I’ve been impressed with Ari and Tom (the founders of FitrBox) for their drive and passion over the last year.  Whenever I have needed a swift kick in the ass or a clarification of a complex startup ideology, they have been there.

I was looking at AllTop, a site built by my friends over at Electric Pulp and Guy Kawasak, and noticed that they opened up a “VIP’s” section.  Very cool.  A simple rss feed from a famous figure, but how do you do that without that person having a blog?  Enter FiltrBox.  With their persistent search, people like the Dalai Lama can have their own aggregate, contently updated feed.

Notice the popup above with an article about a Kid Rock concert, that somehow, in some way, payed homage to the Dalai.

Pretty cool stuff.






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