Frontier Airlines Customer Service: “The PR Department Would Like You to Shut Up”

Frontier Airlines:  oh hi!  Thanks for monitoring this social media space. I recently wrote that I wanted you to take over the Frontier Airlines twitter account, and you responded (online, without sending me a message).

Interesting read.

I wasn’t sure how to break it to you, and please appreciate the blunt honesty, but your out of touch and doing it wrong (and on the cover of both magazines).

So the problem is that your brand is getting its ass kicked by people like myself that have had a bad experience, and received no response.  In my case, an employee lied to me as I tried to travel with a colleague causing me to leave six hours after I planed to.  I blogged about it, and only after 10,000 page views was contacted by the company.  By the PR department.

This is a problem.

Your PR department shouldn’t respond, your customer service department should. By the PR department responding, you are sending this message:

Dear Mr. Hyde:

Please shut the fuck up.

<3 Frontier.

Yeah, that doesn’t solve the problem.  My original experience has yet to be addressed by anyone outside the PR department.

No amount of social monitoring or PR response can get around that major flaw.

So now your company is coming out of bankruptcy, and you must make a choice: be open and honest about your customer service or don’t.  This has nothing to do with your PR department (which I think is understaffed and does a fine job).  Are you creating passionate users or getting passive and lazy?

Yes, I call not monitoring and responding to social media lazy.  I’ve personally spent over $5000 on plane tickets since the incident, with $0 going to Frontier.  The cost benefit is far in your favor, but you refuse to participate.  That is lazy.  Look at the comments in the original post I wrote.  Tens of thousands of $ is going to Southwest because their customer service has embraced social media, with their PR department.

When I wrote the post, I thought with about 99% odds that someone would say ‘sure, please transfer it over.’  They could have just pointed it at their automated feeds and been done with it.  Everyone is happy.

But that didn’t happen.  It didn’t fit into the PR plan.

So starting today the account will be used to repost people complaining about their bad experiences. Frontier has a serious problem, and that is they think social media monitoring is solely about brand control.

You don’t own your brand, your fans do.

No Frontier, I will not shut up.

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