GangPlank – A Lesson On What To Do

I visited GangPlank today, which is the 6th coworking space I have been too.  Very impressed with what I saw.  If you are interested in how to build a startup community, check out the great work they are doing.

GangPlank is an office space.  Around four Five ‘anchor companies’ help pay the rent including BestPartyEver, Stealthmode Partners, Draw Backwards and Forty Agency and Integrum.  All the extra space is used as a community area, where anyone can come, setup their laptop and work, collaborate, learn and share.  For free.

From their site:

In its most general sense, Gangplank is a set of beliefs:

  • We believe that Phoenix can be a fantastic center for innovation—once committed.
  • We believe that web professionals should focus on collaboration over competition, and that ideas should be shared freely.
  • We believe that small businesses, micro-businesses, and freelancers, bridged together in common cause, will be the core of this revolution in Phoenix.

They also host an incubator, which has just recently launched Date Designer.  GangPlank is also home to a studio. The most exciting thing about the space is the collaboration between the web professionals in Phoenix that have not had a place to work together.

They hosted Startup Weekend.  They have hack nights. They reach out and show the community how to do it, and do it well.  They have a lot of fun.

Gangplank Dome from Integrum Technologies on Vimeo.

I look forward to spending more time there.  My hat is off to Derek Neighbors and the whole team that made it happen.






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  1. joshua Avatar

    Thanks Andrew, It is the oasis in the desert. The little cactus that could, the.. well you get it. Gangplank has come far, but has much to go to achieve our goal of establishing a vibrant tech community of people/startups/ and investment as seen in Boulder, SF, etc. Just wanted to mention that and also office out of gangplank. See you next time you are out, and have fun at SW Athens!

  2. bret Avatar

    josh…those are some killer dance moves. i bow down.

  3. Snoop Bloggy Blog Avatar
    Snoop Bloggy Blog

    Nice moves, fellerrrrrs!

  4. Chuck Reynolds Avatar
    Chuck Reynolds

    Glad you made it out to Gangplank from our house after PodCampAz. GPHQ is a great place to hang, work, and meet / collaborate with others in the area – only thing here like that and they help to better our community. Thx for the write up to boost some awareness!

  5. Ward Andrews Avatar
    Ward Andrews

    Andrew, Good to see you yesterday at Gangplank! Drawbackwards and Forty Agency are also anchor tenants at Gangplank. The best part about the office is the community and conversation and all the people who visit PHX and drop in to say hello. The next best thing is all the great ideas that are forming as start ups and emerging from the people here. See you at SXSW.

  6. Kelly Roy Avatar
    Kelly Roy

    Andrew, I too experienced Gangplank very recently- during Start up weekend. I was very encouraged by what I saw, it is a great place to showcase the talent in PHX to visitors of all kinds. There is a unique atmosphere of genuine interest in helping each other be successful.

  7. Andrew Hyde Avatar
    Andrew Hyde

    Added them… and I bow down to your dance moves.

  8. Andrew Hyde Avatar
    Andrew Hyde

    There is a lot going right there, and people like you deserve quite a bit of thanks for helping build it up.

  9. Andrew Hyde Avatar
    Andrew Hyde

    I added the names (knew I was forgetting some!). Great to see you as well!

  10. Andrew Hyde Avatar
    Andrew Hyde

    "There is a unique atmosphere of genuine interest in helping each other be successful. " -That is key for a healthy startup community.

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