Gnomedex 8.0 Lessons

Gnomedex 2008 Panoramic

  • Photography Tips Kris Krug who is an amazing photographer presented an amazing speech on, well, taking better photos.  I saw Kris say ‘use better lenses’ about a year ago and have been in the habit of using Pro Photo Rental to try out some really nice lenses.
    Lesson Learned: Shoot everyday.
  • Ma.gnolia 2.0 by Tara Hunt and Larry Halff was very interesting but lacked from the developer (Larry) not being introduced as a developer. Seeing Ma.gnolia go open is cool, wish the presentation was more stevenote like.
    Lesson Learned: Developers can be amazing speakers, feel free to ask for a pass.
  • icanhascheezburger Ben Huh purchased a site about cats with bad spelling.  It didn’t suck to say the least.
    Lesson Learned: Making people laugh for a living rocks.
  • In Meet Generation Y  Francine Hardaway interviewed the great (and young) Mark Bao
    Lesson Learned: Both generations can rock, and work together.
  • In  Using Social Media for Good Causes by Beth Kanter raised $3700 for a great cause after this session.
    Lesson Learned: Social graphs can be used for really great things, donor fatiuge is real though, so watch out.
  • This was followed up with Salaam Garage by Amanda Koster who just rocks. 
    Lesson Learned: Cause change.  And do it now.
  • I danced with Matt!

    Lesson Learned: Have fun.  Now.

  • What Happens When You Get What You Want: The Growing Blogosphere Angst with Sarah Lacy was the most mention I have ever seen in a room at a conference, well, since the last time I saw her speak.
    Lesson Learned: Some people thing the trees on their planet are blue, and that is ok.
  • The conference really got back on track with Managing Online Relationships with Eve Maler
    Lesson Learned: Vendor Relationship Management is really interesting and almost needed.  Fighting an uphill battle is hard when the people you are are trying to help don’t really care.
  • The Hubble Project by Arvind Krishnamurthy and Ethan Katz-Bassett was very interesting, especially in reference to trying to get people to use it outside of academia.
    Lesson Learned: Academia leads some amazing projects, even those that can be applied to the web.
  • Bug Labs presented one of the most impressive decks I have ever seen.   Jeremy Toeman did an amazing job.
    Lesson Learned: Sometimes as a consumer you have to put your money into the products you want to see be affordable to the general public.  Bug Labs rocks, I want to try it out.

Ponzi and Chris Pirillo did an amazing job putting on one of the best conferences of the year.  The people were amazing.  It has given me direction for the next few months.  Fun project to work on and people to work with.

Gum Outside the Alabi Room






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    Thanks Andrew for a great post, it clearly shows there was so much to learn there, all of them may not be interesting to all but based on personal interests it can be of use.
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    18 Responses to “Learn better photography with Kris Krug at Northern … Robert Scoble posted an extremely fascinating video of Kris Krug

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