Grand Canyon Float

I really want to go back on this trip, every year. It is a small miracle getting a private permit, know anyone that has one for next year? I feel disconnected from the wilderness. I need to make plans to hike the entire Pacific Crest Trail or John Muir trail.


Perhaps a hike once I get back to Boulder will suffice.






2 responses to “Grand Canyon Float”

  1. Patrick Avatar

    Looks legit. If you ever get back for an extended stay on the east coast the Applachian Trial hike is fantastic and you can chew off as much (min. 3 months) or as little (half day) as you want. Check it out

  2. Mike Strutton Avatar

    Are you into the hardcore waves? If so, you should check out the the Gualey in WV. Best time is Fall Gualey season – a short season when the river is flooded with some monstrous class V+. 23 miles and 100 rapids in one day. It can wear your ass out. I’ve been twice, back to back years, and both times were very unique and thrilling.

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