Hamswords (and how Social Media is dangerous)

So I joined a band named the Hamswords. My friend Danny really was not a good drummer for the group, and I filled in the holes. They kicked me out during a jetsetting drinking tour and then let me back in after I repented and swore off the word ‘awesome.’

Funny story huh? Well, it is kinda true. The Hamswords is a band created in the video game Rock Band (of which Brad Feld is an angel for Harmonix). You know how to pick them Brad.

I, like many entrepreneurs and techies I know, don’t play video games. I generally hate video games. I don’t watch movies either. I have really never had time.

But there is something about this game that is just amazing. Almost all positive, team centered and when you play, you are moving quite a bit. I find myself wanting to go to neighbors houses and see if they want to play. Think about driving 45 miles to join the Hamswords in their practice room.

Here is a picture of the tshirt and button Micah had commissioned. I always pay attention to when any digital tool causes offline interaction and change.


Ok, fake band, that isn’t really a band, and they have a really good looking logo, website, twitter, ect. I have even heard they have PR’s going out and leaked audition tapes.

Social media can be dangerous. This is just a small example.






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