Hazard County – Porcupine Ridge – A Nice Break

Just got back from a much needed mini vacation to two places I love, Black Mountain Ranch and Moab, Utah to downhill bike the famous Hazard County and Porcupine Ridge trail.

The ride took close to 6 hours with plenty of stops for lunch, snacks and photos.  It was as described, as epic as they come.  I feel a bit hooked on the sport.


Fire Road The Valley

My first real drop

I took over 300 pictures, mostly from the car window.  I decided to take any backroad I could find, and ended up traveling over 120 miles on dirt roads (of the 1200 miles I drove).

It was fun to go back to a farm and see the old friends.  The perfect break.

Steph and I








2 responses to “Hazard County – Porcupine Ridge – A Nice Break”

  1. Tridentata Avatar

    Nice photos. It's a fantastic ride. Did you get on the UPS/LPS singletrack above Porcupine? That's some great riding. You can also start from up on top of Glacier/Burro Pass at the top of the La Sals and ride all the way down. It's called either Burro to Town (by the locals) or The Whole Enchilada.

  2. Andrew Hyde Avatar
    Andrew Hyde

    The UPS/LPS was closed for some reason. I was told about the Whole Enchilada. Sounds like an exhausting day!

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