Help Needed with the Wifiy Plugin

When WordPress 2.6 came out, I was excited about the revisions functionality.  Since then, I don’t think I have used it.  But I still think it has big things in what it can do.

I want a WordPress plugin that will transform the blogging software into a wiki.  Roughly, here is what I envision:

Readers of a site can hit a ‘wikify’ button, much like they would to leave a comment.

  • When they choose this, a explanation of what a wiki is is presented, then the wordpress backend with limited features.
  • Once the post is edited the save button will trigger an email to the author or automatically post the changes.
  • The blogger can choose which posts and pages are editable.
  • This will turn any wordpress instal into a wiki.

Here is a pdf that explains my thoughts fully.  There are areas that don’t add up like when multiple revisions are submitted, but the direction is there.

If you are interested in helping out, please join the Google Group.  We need developers!

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