I don’t talk about politics on my blog…

But it is snowing out so what the hey.

I went and saw Bill Ritter speak at the RedFish the other night. Besides the venue (the other room sounded like Karaoke, and there are few things in this world I hate more that a Karaoke bar) it was a really good event. Tip for anyone throwing an event like this in Boulder, Burnt Toast is a very Dem friendly place, and will not only provide cold coffee but surly service…

The think I like about Ritter is that he is such a centrist. There is no point in giving our all with a candidate that can just get elected within our party. If it was the State of Boulder County, I wouldn’t think he would have a chance. But since it is not, and I want to see a Dem win statewide, I will support him fully.

Somewhat naively, I think that our country would be so much better if I could really find good points from each side. I really like the idea of two parties helping the country, in which I could like a Repub city council and a Dem Governer. Candidates like Salazar and Ritter come along and I think of my both party utopia. Call them what you will (Centrists, Nighthorses in hiding, DemPubs) but I prefer the term ‘America’s Candidate.’ Their ideology is not exclusively Dem, and not exclusively Rebub. They are a good representation of all of their constituents, not just the ones that voted for them.

By deeming them as the ‘American Candidate’ we create an image that is hard to attack.

“The American Candidates want to raise Taxes”
“The American Candidates hate America”
“Did you hear about the scandal of the American Candidates?”

But if we did this, our American candidates would risk being hated by the Hall of Fame voting board much like the 1980’s Cowboys (America’s Team).

Here is a couple of photos for all to enjoy.

FAQ QA Bill Ritter for Governor Packed House Blurred Ritter Motion






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