Ignite Boulder 3

igniteboulder3Wow, what a week.  I am just getting time to post a short review of Ignite Boulder 3.  In short, it rocked.

Ignite is my favorite tech event to attend.  High energy, smart, interesting, and full of friends that are not quite sober.

I wanted to thank the speakers from this event: Tim Poindexter, Ace Harmon, Brandon White, Ef Rodriguez, Ingrid Alongi, Joanne White, Jeremy Tanner, Jen Mayer, Grant Blakeman, Reid Phillips, Brian Shaler, Brandon Whalen, Tara Anderson, Vikas Reddy and Matt Galligan.

They did a fantastic job.

Here are pictures from my camera (several people picked it up and took some great photos).

More over at Ignite Boulder and Boulder.me.

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9 responses to “Ignite Boulder 3”

  1. AndreaMeyer Avatar

    An excellent event that brings the Boulder Tech community get together to see and celebrate local talent & energy! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you so much for making these events possible, Andrew. A full house with tickets sold out in hours – you've got the touch to make things happen!

  2. jennyjenjen Avatar

    I'm so glad you brought this to Boulder. You definitely hit the right note with this one, Andrew. Can't wait for the next one!

  3. Brandon Whalen Avatar

    Great pictures! It was a privilege to get a chance to speak, and I had a great time. We should use all of our blogging power to bring in some sponsors and try to bring IB3 to the Boulder Theater!

  4. Tim Poindexter Avatar

    I had a lot of fun, thanks for putting the event on. I'm already looking forward to the next one.

  5. heyrich Avatar

    This was an absolutely terrific event. The speakers were great, the crowd was amazing to be a part of, and it really hit it home for me that there isn't a community anywhere that could give Boulder a run for its money.

    Thanks, Andrew, for bringing this here with such style.

    I'm willing to help find a sponsor so that the next one happens at Boulder Theater. Let's talk when you get back from New Zealand. Have a great trip!

  6. Pete Forsyth Avatar

    Awesome! So glad to see the Ignite concept thriving elsewhere. Thanks for posting this.

  7. Kath Avatar

    'Twas awesome!

  8. Kath Avatar

    'Twas awesome!

  9. Kath Avatar

    'Twas awesome!

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