Ignite Boulder 3

igniteboulder3Wow, what a week.  I am just getting time to post a short review of Ignite Boulder 3.  In short, it rocked.

Ignite is my favorite tech event to attend.  High energy, smart, interesting, and full of friends that are not quite sober.

I wanted to thank the speakers from this event: Tim Poindexter, Ace Harmon, Brandon White, Ef Rodriguez, Ingrid Alongi, Joanne White, Jeremy Tanner, Jen Mayer, Grant Blakeman, Reid Phillips, Brian Shaler, Brandon Whalen, Tara Anderson, Vikas Reddy and Matt Galligan.

They did a fantastic job.

Here are pictures from my camera (several people picked it up and took some great photos).

More over at Ignite Boulder and Boulder.me.

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