Ignite Boulder 7 Thoughts

Another Ignite Boulder in the books!  Amazing night.  Here are some unorganized thoughts:

Ignite Boulder 7

Night as an 8/10 for me.  Room for improvement, but the crowd really carries the event.  Tons of energy, I learned quite a bit and saw some great friends.

Ignite Boulder, Boulder Theater

I continue to meet interesting people because of Ignite.  Grateful for this.  How I met Grant Blakeman, been good friends ever since.  There is a ton of good people that show up, pretty happy about that.

The Packed House

The talks were the best we have had as a group.  Really appreciated each one of them.  Sending out surveys tomorrow, we will see if everyone aligned with me!  The Westword has a great article about the event. Validates all the hard work if you ask me.

A highlight for me was out heckling a drunk audience and having them calm down a bit.  “It is your responsibility as the sober friend to tell your neighbor their jokes aren’t as funny as they were before the five shots.”

So what is next?  Not quite sure.  Hate to say more of the same, but when things are working (like when we have an Ignite in the dead of winter competing with tons of holiday parties and still sell out) you sometimes have to keep going.

Pictures via Alek Komar (who rocks).  Support his crazy cool Celiac project here.

Any crazy ideas we should think about for #8?

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