Ignite Boulder Says Goodbye to Ef Rodriguez

Last night Ef Rodriguez hosted Ignite Boulder 18. It has been a huge part of his life and is passing it on (like I passed onto him) to move to Amsterdam. Want to move away from Boulder? Host Ignite.

I can’t say just how good Ef is at what he does because he would get a huge head and wouldn’t talk to me anymore, but Ef has been tireless in his support of community. The amount of hours he has volunteered to make others lives better is well over 2000. He has made a serious dent in the Boulder community, not something everyone can say.

Ef’s first night on the stage is something I won’t forget:

Raising a glass to you Ef.

photo by Yann Ropars





5 responses to “Ignite Boulder Says Goodbye to Ef Rodriguez”

  1. paulmerrill Avatar

    Rock on, Ef!!

  2. Michael Fraietta Avatar
    Michael Fraietta

    Here, here. To Ef.

  3. Ryan Wanger Avatar

    Moment of silence.




    Thanks Ef.

  4. chrisvieville Avatar

    Sorry I missed this, /cheer

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