Is the Hardest Part of Community Management Dealing With “Forever September”

I remember hearing Alexis Ohanian (founder of Reddit) talk about the biggest challenge they had as a community early on was “Forever September” or the notion that every year the culture of Reddit would change as more students would have ample free time and high quality internet connections. This has always fascinated me as I run and attend events. How do you keep the energy to welcome new members (that at one time were you)?

I was on the Making a Murderer documentary subreddit today and caught the following post:

We really should stop all the immediate hostility towards the reposts. I really feel that it’s discouraging people from contributing. I understand that it gets annoying to have the same things posted all the time but it would most likely be more productive to provide a link to the thread so they can contribute to it instead of berating new comers immediately.

The community around the documentary which is less than a month old is already having a hard time welcoming new members.

Is this fatigue the hardest part of any type of community? How does a community deal with new members in a sustainable way?

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