I’ve been hiding

First off, I want a woofy.

That said, the last month has been an absolute whirlwind. It has been a month since Startup Weekend, and I have not had a chance to really recover. I haven’t taken pictures, read anything of note, played the guitar, gone for many runs, or gone out much. I have been living the double shift startup life, and loving every second of it.

To help with the financing of Startup Weekend, I accepted a fulltime freelance gig with an ‘I don’t know their policy on blogging’ company. It has been an amazing experience, with some brilliant people. That is the reason for my weird email and phone behavior.

But now a big ‘what is next’ question is the gorilla in the room. Startup Weekend has spread to quite a few cites, and I am about to buy tickets to every single one (sans Germany).

I put a post up on the Boulder Startup Weekend:

What is Startup Weekend? That is the most common question mailed to me by organizers. How do I explain it to others? Do you have a onesheet?

It is a simple concept with thousands of complexities. Here is what I tell people:

Startup Weekend is Jazz for Entrepreneurs.

In other quick news, Steph Davis, a rock climber a skydiver has been hanging out in Boulder, quite an inspiration. I helped her set up a website and a blog. Quite an interesting read!







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  1. Kath Avatar

    Had no clue you played guitar. Learn something new every day!

  2. Gwen Avatar

    If you get a woofy, I will too.
    Oh and I have a question. Why is Danny Newman listed under “Test”? Is that all he IS TO YOU??!!! 😉

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